Tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously in Livigno, the pearl of the Alta Valtellina and one of the most popular mountain destinations on a national and international level. Typical customs - living testimony of the locality that is handed down from generation to generation - continue to be an integral part of the daily life of the people of Livigno, who cherish and celebrate them throughout the year with various themed festivals.

One of the most heartfelt of these is the Alpenfest, two days dedicated to the ancient rite of Alpine transhumance: the cattle, after spending the summer in the shepherds' huts and alpine pastures, descend to the valley - accompanied by the farmers - and return to the village, where they will spend the winter months. The spirit of the Alpenfest is in fact to celebrate the origins of the area, agricultural work and contact with animals.

Starting this year, this traditional event will be transformed into a veritable festival: for two consecutive days (16 and 17 September), it will be possible to dive into the past of the locality and relive the everyday moments of life in the past, while at the same time enjoying the many new activities that will animate the town. 
But above all, the Alpenfest is the occasion to thank the farmers and the work they do for Livigno and Trepalle, who with commitment, research and passion contribute to the growth of an important sector for the area.
Who will be the protagonists? The animals, adorned with precious cowbells and garlands of flowers, and the farmers of the two municipalities, who will instead be dressed in traditional farming attire.

Livigno will kick off this two-day festival: on Saturday 16 September, the village centre will come alive with many events that will entertain not only the farmers, but also all those who wish to take part in the festivities. Throughout the day, there will be moments that will convey the town's indissoluble bond with its traditions, but also some novelties that will underline Little Tibet's path of continuous innovation.

The festivities will begin at 10.30 am with a parade that will see the people of Livigno wearing typical local clothes and parading along the main street of the town centre, followed by representatives of the various local farms, who will be accompanied by their animals, who will instead be wearing garlands and cowbells. At the end of the parade, it will be time for the 'Salute to the Shepherd' and institutional greetings.

At lunch, starting at 12.30 p.m., for the first time it will be possible to taste the flavours of Livigno revisited in a modern key by the skilful chefs of the Association of Livigno Chefs and Pastry Chefs (ACPL), who have created an ad hoc menu that enhances local traditions but always with a touch of innovation: among the proposals there will be the white gnocchetti alla livignasca and the cake from Rosina with caramelised rosumeda mousse.
All the dishes take their inspiration from 'Leina da Saor', the bilingual photo book containing 100 traditional recipes, 37 revisited ones and over 250 photographs, published by Mondadori and available in some local shops.

At 4.30 p.m. it will then be time for the awards ceremony: the winning farm will be presented with the Alpenfest trophy, followed by a typical 'TasT' snack.

In addition, throughout the day, citizens and tourists will be able to enjoy themselves thanks to live musical performances by the Monteneve Choir and the local Corpo Musicale, but also have their souvenir photos taken at an Alpenfest-themed photobooth to continue to relive the enthusiasm of this festival, even once it is over.

The Livigno Traditional Costume Group, on the other hand, will represent some moments of life in the past - from wool processing to butter making to ancient agricultural trades -, telling a part of the history of the town in an engaging way.

After the street food dinner, on the other hand, for the first time there will be DJ Paolo Noise who, with a remix of selected songs, will make young and old dance until late at night.

The following day, Sunday 17 September, Trepalle will instead celebrate the rite of transhumance in a more traditional way: Italy's highest parish will welcome animals and farmers, who for the second consecutive day will be the protagonists of the local festivities.

At 10.30 a.m., the parade of farmers in traditional clothing will begin, accompanied by their animals and representatives of Livigno's Gruppo Costumi Caratteristici. From 12.30 p.m., once they have reached the Passo Eira locality at the end of the parade, it will be time for lunch, organised by the Gioventù di Trepalle and based on typical Livigno dishes, in order to savour the traditions of the locality at the table.
Even during this day, there will be no shortage of opportunities to have fun, thanks to the musical entertainment provided by the Monteneve Choir and the Tiziano Tonelli Orchestra, as well as the challenges of old-fashioned peasant work, in which everyone will be able to participate and watch.
In the afternoon, there will also be the official awards ceremony for the winning farm of this year's Alpenfest in Trepalle.

The Alpenfest thus confirms itself as a not-to-be-missed event, not only for the people of Livigno, but also for all tourists, who for two days will be able to celebrate the traditions and history of the locality together with the townspeople. 

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