The countdown continues to the World Cup cross-country stage, scheduled to take place in Livigno on theweekend of January 21 and 22, when, on the snows of Little Tibet, the best athletes in the World willwill compete in 2 thrilling races: the individual free-technique sprint on Saturday and the team sprint, also free-technique, of thefree-technique, the following day, both on the men's and women's agendas.

 The event falls on the third weekend of January, right in the heart of the season, one week from the end of the Tour de Ski, which will end on the 8th, and about a month from the start of the World Championships in the specialty, scheduled to take place in Planica, Slovenia, starting Feb. 22, thus making the Livigno event acrucial junction of the entire sporting year and guaranteeing the stage the massive presence of the big names of the discipline. For this, teams will start reaching the location as early as January 9, thus finding time to acclimatize to the 1800-meter altitude, a peculiarity of Livigno, famous for altitude training even among the best cross-country skiers on the circuit, and to test the course, which is unveiled today in a preview.
A length of between 1,200 and 1,250 meters, for a course designed as much to test the champions of the discipline as much as to provide an immersive and engaging experience for the publicin attendance. The ride will be completely new, unprecedented even for those already familiar with the snow of Livigno.
The Rin Da Rin area has been chosen, in the central block of the cross-country trail, just above the entrance to the Cross-Country Ski Center and near the Snowfarm. Start and finish are both located in the Rin Da Rin slope, but separate, to ensure the public a breathtaking finish.

Athletes take off uphill, making their way to the Snowfarm area and immediately trying to make selection. The course continues downhill, with two very fast and techniques that lead to a second climb, with 12 meters of elevation gain: the last chance to separate from the others before the final straight. And it is the final straight that is the real highlight of the course: a very long finish, purpose-built to allow athletes to challenge each other openly, minimizing the risk of contact and crashes.
Nearly 350 meters of sprint, also developed with important amplitudes, to offer a perfect view to the parterre audience and a clean lane to each of the participants. Overall, it is a classic design: the right meeting point between technicality and thespectacle, which lends itself well to welcoming fans, for whom admission will be free, ensuring always a full perspective of the track from every vantage point. The ideal way to enjoy the performances of Federico Pellegrino, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, Richard Jouve and all the other champions, who will bring to life a special weekend

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