Mushroom picking

Pick fragrant boletus mushrooms in the woods.
The municipalities of the Alta Valtellina have yet to regulate mushroom picking in their area of jurisdiction. Mushroom picking is therefore understood as a free and unrestricted activity, with the exception of the areas forming part of the Stelvio National Park and the Paluaccio di Oga Natural Reserve.

However, the conditions set out in the Lombardy Region’s Code of Regulations remain valid and must be adhered to.

1) Before setting out into the woods, you should equip yourself with the appropriate gear: ankle-high boots, walking stick, pocketknife and a wicker basket or ventilated container. Avoid using floppy bags of any description, including plastic, as they may precipitate fermentation, resulting in the transformation of edible fungi into a highly dangerous toxic state.
2) Mushroom picking must be performed in such a way so as to ensure that the item is removed from the soil intact, roots and all, allowing proper identification – never cutting them off at the base of the stem.
3) Mushrooms, which have been correctly classified as edible, should be cleaned immediately. If there are any doubts on the edibility of certain mushrooms, 2 or 3 samples of each should be set aside while taking care to keep them separate from the rest and given to competent members of the staff for verification purposes. These varieties may belong to a poisonous species and even just a fragment, if mixed with the edible mushrooms, would be enough to trigger serious consequences.
4) In any event, inedible or seemingly uninteresting mushrooms should never be destroyed. Even the most venomous fungi play an important role in the balance of the ecosystem in the forest.
5) Respect nature and make sure not to leave any traces of your presence. Plastic objects, cans and glass can pose a serious danger to people and animals as well as damage the environment.

edible mushrooms should be stored in rigid and ventilated containers and in cool temperatures.
Consumption and conservation procedures must be carried out in the shortest time possible in accordance with any advice from the experts (i.e. extended cooking times, etc.).

The consumption of mushrooms is unadvisable in the following cases:
1) When in doubt;
2) In large quantities and meals in close proximity;
3) Raw or insufficiently cooked state (with the exception of the few species where this is possible). Most edible mushrooms can cause discomfort or poisoning if eaten raw or if inadequately cooked;
4) Pregnant women and those who are breast-feeding;
5) Persons with allergies to certain foods, drugs, or who habitually suffer upset stomach, liver, intestines, pancreas, without their doctor's consent;
6) Children and the elderly

In the unfortunate event of a negative and violent reaction following the consumption of mushrooms:

  • Go immediately to the emergency ward at the first signs or earliest symptoms of any illness or disturbances;
  • Make sure that any leftovers of the meal and mushrooms consumed are stored for later analysis;
  • Keep the relevant information on hand, allowing the identification of the fungi that were consumed, including where and when they were picked.

Finally, please remember that there are no techniques, recipes, tools, vegetables, or other metals, capable of predetermining the toxicity of fungi. The only sure way to determine their edibility is to have them classified on the basis of their characteristics, such as belonging to a proven edible species.

If in the slightest doubt, please contact:
Mycological Inspectorate of the A.S.L. (Province of Sondrio) District of Bormio
Via Agoi, 8
from 3.00pm to 4.30pm
tel. +39 0342 909243