Through its partnership with Repower, Livigno is looking to moveincreasingly more towards greener organisation of the area. Thanks to the supportand will of the town administration, Little Tibet, as this area is also known, will beginoperating 5PALINA Repower stations. These are the stand alone columns forcharging more than one electric vehicle at a time. In addition to those alreadyoperating in the area, this summer installation of a number of Repower BITTAs forquickly and easily charging e-bikes is also expected.

Distribution of the stand alone columns is strategic and has been designed to serve the entire area. Indeed, they will be installed in the Aquagranda centre carpark, in Via Isola near the centre of the village, Plaza Placheda, the carpark in the area of Borch Lake, and the one near the Eira Pass.

The Repower PALINA solution combines design and advanced technology for the environment. It means two electric vehicles can be charged at a time and also doubles up as street furniture for intelligent mobility.

And not only, the sustainable essence of Livigno is also clear in the world of pedal assisted bikes, with BITTA facilities located strategically all over the area, namely Malga Federia, the Forcola Pass, the Eira Pass, the area of Ponte delle Capre, Mottolino playground and the dairy. This means enthusiasts can ensure their bikes are always fully-charged and can consequently cover longer distances.

"I believe that Livigno can become the first smart city in the alps. We’re delighted to have completed this project and, as of today, anyone coming to Livigno will be able to recharge their cars in different areas of the resort,” commented Remo Galli Deputy Mayor of Livigno. "Electric mobility is the way forward in terms of transport and we wanted to take action to guide the resort towards greener organisation. Moreover, charging points for electric bikes have been installed on both the cycle path and a number of trails. As far as the supervisory body/security corps is concerned, on the other hand, their old car has been replaced with one of the new e-Golf cars.”

“This venture indicates care, attention and foresight by the town administration,” said Fabio Bocchiola, Country Manager at Repower Italy. ”With this project Livigno has equipped itself with a real circuit for electric mobility that promotes the resort, offering an innovative, intelligent service. As Repower, we’re proud to partner Livigno in this venture and I’m certain it’ll bring increasingly more town councils located in such extraordinary settings like this one, to choose electric mobility.”

Livigno is always attentive to increasing the value of the area, and proud to take an important step forward in sustainable mobility.

We are pleased to invite you to the presentation of Palina, powered by Repower, in the Municipality Conference Room on 19th June at 11.00 a.m.

Click here for the map with all the E-bike and E-Car charging stations.


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