Outdoor activities

In Livigno, it is impossible to get bored - there are countless sports activities and games practiced in many places, all under the lovely scenic landscape. Whether in the sky with paragliding, in water with canoes, on the ground playing basketball, volleyball, football, rugby or soccer, or in the skate-park, every day there are thousands of possibilities to spend your free time and find new friends

For those who enjoy climbing, the walls in the Fopel area are perfect, or even the artificial tower in the town centre. For those who perhaps prefer to go horse riding, there are elusive walks in Valle delle Mine, in Val Federia or even a ride just along the bottom of the valley.

Climbing is for everyone and natural and artificial walls are the playing field for this activity.
For climbing on artificial walls: Torre esterna (17 m) c/o Campo S. Maria
For climbing on natural walls: Fopèl and Trepalle area
Guide Alpine
Tel. +39 371 3892480

Campo Sportivo S. Maria
via dala Gesa
tel. +39 0342 991260
Campo Sportivo Trepalle (Sports grounds)
via dal Pont
tel. +39 335 6743444
Don Bosco playground
via dala Gesa
tel. +39 348 7048249
San Rocco playground and tennis court
via Saroch
tel. +39 338 4011718

via Rin 325,
tel. +39 0342 970577

Don Bosco playground
via dala Gesa
tel. +39 348 7048249
San Rocco playground
via Saroch
tel. +39 338 4011718
Kinderclub Lupigno (paid service)
Playground with snow rafts, inflatable slides, trampolines and many new activities. For holders of the Livigno Card access at discounted rates. Crèche service and a chance to stop for lunch!
via Plan, 273
tel. +39 0342 996276
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Play areas along the pedestrian and cycle track
Loc. Lago - via Rasia
Loc. Luigion - via Contin
Loc. Mottolino - via Bondi
Loc. Teola - via S.S. 301
Loc. Tresenda - via Campaciol